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  • Wallacetown, ,
  • Farm Type:Swine

Property Description

Ongoing 1500 sow farrow to wean operation with 228 total acres and 134 workable acres located near Wallacetown, isolated location with a view of Lake Erie. Gilt isolation barn built in 2016. 1500 sow barn renovated in 2016 with 276 farrowing crates, hot water beds and in floor radiant heat in farrowing rooms, electronic feeding and sorting, loose housing gestation rooms. Heated workshop and 3 bedroom home. Details; Gilt isolation developer/breeding barn, built in 2016, 40’x152’, 4 electronic sow feeders that communicate with main barn for ID's and breeding info, 2 boar stations with heat detection, 2 dry med dispensers for regumate or dewormer 1500 head sow barn, built in 2006. Renovated in 2016 from farrow to finishing to farrow to early wean in 2016. 276 farrowing crates total, 11 rooms each with 24 farrowing crates, 1 slush room with 12 farrowing crates, stainless steel support beams under the floors, full chaindisc in all farrowing rooms with stainless steel tubing in half the rooms, hot water beds and in floor radiant heating in all farrowing rooms, lunch room, office and showers. 618 galvanized gestation stalls with stainless steel feet. 2 rooms 6, 526 sq.ft. loose housing gestation rooms with electronic sow feeders with dual dispensers for high protein low protein blended rations and sort gates that automatically sort due to farrow sows and sows for vaccination to the center Hall. Off site monitoring of system through Team Viewer. Security Cameras. 150 KW John Deere stand by generator. 4'x8' fume room. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, bungalow. 36'x40' heated shop. 3 silos set up for 80,000 bu of dry grain storage. Livestock included, approximately 1500 sows, 240 gilts, 2000 piglets.


3 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow

Property Details

  • Total Acreage: 228 acres


  • Gilt isolation developer/breeding barn: 40'x152'built in 2016
  • 1500 head sow barn: built in 2006, renovated in 2016
  • heated shop: 36'x40'
  • 3 silos: set up for 80,000 bu of dry grain storage