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Chicken farmers donate

Posted on Mar 23rd, 2020 by Jennifer Hannan

Chicken farmers donate

Chicken Farmers of Canada, whose office is in the nation’s capital, has announced it will be making a $20,000 cash donation to the Ottawa Food Bank to assist families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ottawa Food Bank issued a call for help on March 16th, explaining that there was a need for cash donations to help Ottawa’s vulnerable families.

Chicken Farmers of Canada has been proud partners and supporters of the Ottawa Food Bank since 2007.

Through the Chicken Challenge Program – which secures product donations from a Canadian processor – as well as through staff donations and other programming, Chicken Farmers of Canada’s contributions to the food bank have totaled $600,000.

“But this is something different,” says Chicken Farmers of Canada’s Chair, Benoît Fontaine, “These are incredibly challenging times for all Canadians. We wanted to answer the call for help and pledge our support, in a meaningful way, to the city and region that our staff call home.”

For More Information: https://www.ontariofarmer.com/news/farm-news/chicken-farmers-donate

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