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The greenhouse industry in Ontario is a fast expanding sector. Regions like Niagara and Leamington offer excellent conditions for the growing vegetables, plants and flowers in greenhouses.

Being free of heavy snowfall, greenhouses can be built relatively cheaply and good temperatures keep heating costs down.

Most operations are year-round, professional companies using computerised environmental controls and automated technology.

Most popular vegetables grown in Ontario are cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. The farm gate value of Ontario’s floriculture industry in 2003 was $750 million; this is 52% of the total Canadian flower production. Statistics Canada estimates that there are approximately 500 hectares of flowers, bedded plants and potted plants in Ontario. Operations in popular growing areas like Niagara are 6,600 m2 average.

With the large urban areas of Quebec, Ontario and America’s East coast the Ontario greenhouse operators have access to a huge market, with destinations as far as Florida and Texas.

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