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  • 6644 Perth Line 72 Atwood, , Perth
  • Farm Type: Swine
  • Zoning:

Property Description

1000 sow farrow to early wean farm located near Atwood. Turnkey farrowing operation. 196 total acres with approximately 169.57 workable acres. Mainly Listowel Silt Loam soil. Majority being systematically tiled with maps available. Barn was built in approximately 1998 and is a one owner facility. The herd can be sold with or without the farm, but is not included in the purchase price. All barn equipment is being sold with the farm and is being sold as is condition with no warranties. Barn features: 6 farrowing rooms with 32 crates per room. 4 rows of 80 dry sow stalls, 10 loose pens with room for 200 sows, loose housing for 240 gilts, gilt breeding room with 80 stalls, total space for 1032 sows and gilts. Approximately 800,000 gallons or outside manure storage plus 4 feet of under barn storage. Feed System and storage: Computerized liquid feeding system, Mill to make your own rations, Farmatic mill to make dry feed rations with a blower and blower pipe. 30'x100' harvestore silo. 1 - 10 tonne feed bin. 3 - 26 tonne feed bins. 1 -2 tonne feed bin for minerals. 1 -1 tonne fed bin for mineral.

Property Details

  • Total Acreage: 196 acres
  • Soil Type: Listowel Silt Loam
  • Heat Units:
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